What: Multi-dimensional glycomic marker to   measure Chronic inflammation (  CI) and Immunofrailty

Applications: Early detection of CIDs, susceptibility to aIDs, personalization of anti-inflammatory protocols

Clients: Precision health and wellness companies, regenerative medicine, health-conscious individual clients

Development Stage: TRL 8, Can be ordered commercially

What: A prognostic and predictive glycomic marker for Inflammatory Bowel disease ( IBD)

Applications: Prognosis and prediction of need for treatment escalation for newly diagnosed IBD patients. Complementary diagnostic for IBD drugs

Clients: IBD clinicians, biopharma companies performing clinical trials for IBD

Development Stage: TRL 6, Designing further clinical studies

What: Glycomic biomarker to identify immunofrail individuals who would be (a) vulnerable to inflammatory storms from COVID-19 and (b) potential non-responders to SARS-Cov-2 vaccines.

Applications: Selection of patients to clinical trials of SARS-Cov-2 vaccines.

Clients: Vaccine developers

Development stage: TRL 5, feasibility study successfully completed. Designing proof of concept.