The Avenna-Chronic Disease Preventative Pathways ( Avenna CDPP ) is as a collaborative precision healthcare pathway with a life-course approach to age related disease prevention. The emphasis is on early detection of disease risk and self-care with interventions based on lifestyle changes. In collaboration with Ludger and its Human Performance Lab (Ludger-HPL) we are currently working to develop health care pathway for patients with diabetes.

Avenna Diabetes Prevention Programme:

Our current focus is on adults with Type 2 prediabetes and women at risk of gestational diabetes. The aim of Avenna-DPP is to prevent – or significantly reduce disease severity – without medication or surgery in an effective, practical and affordable way”

The pathway has four main segments:

1. Discover. This is to determine the individual’s health status and how that came to be and also understand possible barriers to effective lifestyle improvements.

2. Design. This involves designing a health transformation programme tailored to the individual and their condition.

3. Transform. This is typically a staged programme dealing with the health determinants and lifestyle patterns that have the greatest negative and positive impacts on the individual 

4. Regulate. This provides oversight to ensure the programme is safe, effective and appropriate for the individual.