Overview of the Avenna GlyHealth technology


Our Vision is to lead the development of practical and affordable preventative and curative personalised precision healthcare solutions for chronic inflammatory conditions allowing individuals to live longer, healthier lives.


Our Mission is to fast-track prognosis, diagnosis and treatments for individuals with chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs), increasing their quality of life, extending their lives, and reducing the cost of their care. Our current focus is on precision healthcare technologies for CIDs of the bowels, brain and skin.

The Avenna Precision Healthcare System (AvPHS)

We started Avenna to help change the way healthcare is done for chronic inflammatory diseases (CIDs).  What we have now for CIDs is really Sickcare. It operates too late – so individuals suffer from inflammation-related tissue and organ damage. And healthcare for CIDs is becoming unaffordable – so all of Society suffers.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. There is precision medicine technology for early detection of some CIDs many years before permanent damage occurs – but it’s stuck in research labs. In Avenna we want to translate the most promising of those research technologies into practical, affordable, accessible tools so individuals can find out what CIDs they’re developing early on and, through evidence-based, personalised self-care protocols, greatly improve their health futures.

We aim to achieve that through a framework called the Avenna Precision Healthcare System (AvPHS). This combines the following:

Biomarkers for early detection of CIDs and identification of the precise type and cause of CID for the individual.

Pathways for health transformation designed to act on the causal pathways for the individual’s CIDs. These have segments for  CID stratification and treatment.

Informatics that support the application of the biomarkers and pathways.

Biomarkers for chronic diseases and ageing

Ageing is a decline and loss of functions over time. Many of these losses correlate with, or are driven by, increases in chronic inflammation (CI) that accompany progression of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CIDs). Our Healthcare Pathways incorporate GlyHealth tests. These are based on the GlyHealth medical glycomics technology developed by our sister company Ludger (www.ludger.com) and allows us to measure CI progression in individuals even at early stages of CID development.

Ageing and development of chronic diseases, both of which are biological processes, correlate with, becoming older, a time process. However, each of us has our own individual rate of ageing and set of chronic diseases to which we are susceptible.

At Avenna we combine data from your biomarkers and other health metrics, plus information on your lifestyle and environment to model your most likely future health trajectory. This includes estimation of your overall speed of ageing, what ageing sub-processes are most important to you as well your most likely future health trajectory regarding progression of chronic diseases. That information combined with our models of chronic disease aetiology and treatments allows us to recommend practical, personalised, evidence-based self-care protocols designed to help you age healthily and slow down or, in some cases, prevent development of specific chronic diseases.

Collaborative Precision Healthcare Pathways

Avenna takes a systematic, scientific approach to understanding the complex interactions between Nature and Nurture for ageing and disease processes across the lifecourse of individuals. We combine innovations from life sciences, data science and informatics to develop effective and affordable solutions to promote healthy ageing and prevent chronic diseases.

These are health transformation pathways personalised to the individual and their precise condition.

For success, they require collaboration between:

  • the individual who takes responsibility for their own health by following evidence-based self-care protocols,
  • medical practitioners who provide medical oversight and interventions and
  • non-medical practitioners such as nutritionists and physical trainers who help with other aspects of healthcare.

For Nature: we use selected biomarkers to determine the health status (S) of an individual in detail. The focus is on Body, Mind and Functioning.

For Nurture: we measure health determinants focussing on those aspects of Lifestyle (L) and Environment (E) that have greatest impact on the individual’s health over time (T).

Our aim is to gain meaningful insights into your past, present and possible future health conditions.
We achieve that we use informatics to collect, integrate, visualise and analyse the ELST data over your entire lifecourse. This includes your detailed ELS information in the present, what ELST data we can reconstruct from your past, and a model of possible ELST trajectories in your future.

Informatics To Support Precision Self- Care Pathways

We Are Developing An Informatics System Named Avalon To Enable Translation Of Precision Medicine Pathways Into Everyday Practice.

Avalon will support implementation of the Avenna precision healthcare pathways and focus on Chronic Disease Prevention. Avalon is being designed for health care practitioners and individuals to gain insights into their health and with an intent to use Avalon at scale in national public health programmes.

The Avenna pathways are built on the Avenna model of collaborative precision selfcare. This takes a lifecourse approach to healthcare and combines data on key health determinants (from lifestyle and environment and health metrics (including specific molecular signals that indicate status of health and disease).

Avalon will be collecting, integrating, visualising and analysing personal’ health determinants and health status metrics in a GDPR compliant way.