Research Projects

Our R&D programmes focus on development of prognostic and predictive glycomic blood biomarkers and Immunofrailty Model.
These innovations will enable early detection and treatment personalisation for Inflammatory conditions in clinical practice.

Our Immunofrailty blood test is a measure of the fitness of your immune system.


Prognostic and predictive biomarker to support clinical decision-making in Inflammatory Bowel Disease


This Biomarker has been developed to identify immunofrail individuals likely to suffer serious inflammatory episodes if they were to be infected with SARS-Cov-2 virus.




Avenna Precision Medicine Technologies for Inflammatory Diseases

At Avenna we translate and commercialise most promising technologies for early detection and treatment personalisation for Inflammatory Diseases. This is to make precision medicine approach for IDs affordable and scalable.

Our current focus is to translate our in-vitro diagnostic platform technology- GlyHealth- into clinical practice. GlyHealth measure the complex glycomics patterns in blood immune system glycoproteins.  The glycomics patterns are prodromal signals that presage the inflammatory storms that lead to morbidity and death in inflammatory diseases.

Inflammatory  Diseases are the greatest and most costly health threat in the World

Inflammatory Diseases (IDs) are a wide range of conditions characterised by immune dysfunctions. They fall into two categories: chronic-IDs and acute-IDs.

Chronic-IDs are now the major cause of sickness and premature death globally4.5Bn of the 7.6Bn humans currently alive are expected to get sick and die due to a chronic-ID. They are also very expensive. The World Economic Forum estimates the global costs of just four conditions – cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory disease – all of which are characterised by inflammatory processes, will reach $47 trillion/year by 2030.

Since COVID-19 we now also have a global pandemic of acute -IDs. Acute-IDs typically follow bacterial or viral infections and include inflammatory storms which are the major cause of severe sickness and death in COVID-19 patients.

One of the main underlining reasons for IDs are chronic inflammatory (CI) processes which are very difficult to track without interference from acute inflammatory processes. To use an analogy, chronic inflammation is like the climate – the changes are slow and small and are difficult to measure. Acute inflammation is like bad weather – we can easily measure it when it’s happening. Bad weather masks unfavorable climate change.

How GlyHealth can enhance current healthcare for Inflammatory diseases

Current medical tests, such as hsCRP and IL 6, cannot measure CI processes at early disease stages due to interference from acute inflammation. This means that clinicians can’t identify the most vulnerable individuals for acute IDs and detect chronic IDs before tissue damage occur. This makes current healthcare for IDs reactive rather than predictive, generic rather than personalised, and as outcome unsustainably expensive to societies.

GlyHealth is a family of prognostic and predictive medical glycomics biomarkers to reliably measure to track chronic inflammation trajectory even at early disease stages. This means that GlyHealth blood tests can help predict future disease course and inform treatment selection for chronic and acute inflammatory diseases.

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