Informatics To Support Precision Self- Care Pathways

We are developing an informatics system named Avalon to enable translation of precision medicine pathways into everyday practice. Avalon will support implementation of the Avenna precision healthcare pathways and focus on Chronic Disease Prevention. Avalon is being designed for health care practitioners and individuals to gain insights into their health and with an intent to use Avalon at scale in national public health programmes.

The Avenna pathways are built on the Avenna model of collaborative precision selfcare. This takes a lifecourse approach to healthcare and combines data on key health determinants (from lifestyle and environment and health metrics (including specific molecular signals that indicate status of health and disease).

Avalon will be collecting, integrating, visualising and analysing personal’ health determinants and health status metrics in a GDPR compliant way.

AVLB – Informatics to support Chronic Disease Prevention Pathways

Avalon integrates heterogeneous data on health determinants and health status metrics. Health determinants includes data on lifestyle patterns ( food, movement, sleep and relationships ) and environment ( including physical and societal conditions individuals are living in). Health status include data on molecular signals ( genetics, epigenetics, glycomics, metabolomics and clinical blood work) and physiological parameters ( HRV, HR, weight, brain EEG etc)

Individuals will interact with Avalon via Avenna LifeBook (AVLB). AVLB will be a web portal and an iOS and Android App that enabling connection to data sources (for environment, lifestyle and health status and support design and implementation of Avenna-Chronic Disease Preventative Pathways ( Avenna CDPP )

It will provide a dashboard with data on clients’ past, present and predicted future health trajectories and will help individuals and health care practitioners to design a personal health transformation programmes and suggest products and services they would need to implement it. We are currently developing first version of AVLB to enable Avenna-DPP -Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) to allow early detection The services include precision medicine assays developed by Ludger for early diabetes warning detection of prediabetes.