Biomarkers for chronic diseases:

In Avenna we use molecular and physiological biomarkers to measure progression of chronic diseases. The GlyHealth Index is one such biomarker which relates to molecular signals for the glycosylation patterns of blood IgG glycoproteins.

IgG molecules play critical roles in your immune system. This includes modulation of inflammatory processes which occur during progression of many chronic diseases including inflammatory conditions, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cancers and brain degeneration diseases.

IgG molecules are large glycoproteins composed of two main parts – protein and glycans. The protein is the component that performs the main functions while the glycans are complex sugar-like molecules that modify the IgG function. The glycosylation patterns (i.e. the patterns of glycan parts) of IgGs change in specific ways during inflammatory processes. The GlyHeatlh Index is a measure of your systemic inflammatory state as determined from your blood IgG glycosylation patterns.

The GHI can vary from +100 (corresponding to optimal health on the molecular level), to -100, (corresponding to advanced progression of inflammation and deterioration of health). By monitoring your GHI periodically you can get an early warning of progression of inflammatory processes and take preventative measures so you have a healthier environment and lifestyle.

Glycan profiling of blood plasma proteins can provide valuable information about inflammatory status of the body of the individual. This inflammatory status is strongly associated with chronological ageing as well as physiological changes getting older, but also it is known to correlate with increased risk for disease, poor physical functioning and mortality. Ageing process happening of structure and function. You can have changing the rate of the decline. Avenna slow the rates of decline of mind and body and possibly reverse.

Multiple studies involving single inflammation markers suggest that age-related inflammation can be modulated by physical activity and applying anti-inflammatory diet. Avenna using glycosalation assay to stratify patients and also monitor efficacy of its precision health care pathways.

This assay has been developed at Ludger and is used as biomarker for early detection of chronic disease degradation. Degradation process propagates from cell to tissues, organs etc. GlycanTest allow us to see changes on molecular level and start to take preventative measure before degradation propagates and it is too late.

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