Avenna App

Avenna App

The Avenna Wellness App is designed to support personalised, precision self-care in action. We empower individuals to take part in their own health transformation and augment the work of health care practitioners. The App is a component of the Avenna frameworks and tools to support Collaborative Precision to prevent Chronic Diseases and Promote Healthy Ageing. It support our vision to make such healthcare accessible, effective and affordable for all.

What can it do for you: The app helps you to take a Quantitative Self approach to improving your health future. It provides insights into the complex interactions between your lifestyle and health over time. It does that by gathering and integrating relevant data from diverse sources including health records, wearable devices and physiological and biochemical tests then assembles these onto a timeline. This gives you a convenient way to visualise your lifestyle patterns (focussing on food, movement and sleep) and analyse their possible effects on key health metrics (such as heart function, inflammatory state and body mass). Our research shows that with meaningful insights into your current habits you can make positive changes to your lifestyle that can significantly improve your health trajectory.

Current data points: Currently supported wearables include Fitbit and Garmin fitness trackers and current body state metrics include body mass and GlyHealth Index (a measure of systemic inflammation which is a major driver of chronic diseases).

The app is currently available for Android smartphones (running versions from Lollipop and above) with an iOS version planned to follow. It results from our collaboration with Digi.me, a company with innovative technology that allows you to access and take control of your personal data including health records, data from wearable devices and social media.

How could you use the Avenna App?

  • Individuals:
    • Securely collect and share relevant health data with your practitioner
    • Get useful insight into how your lifestyle affects your health over time
    • Better understand your current health status and behaviour patterns so you can make changes to avoid future health problems
    • Track progress of health interventions
  • Health care practitioners:
    • Augment work when designing and executing personalised health transformation programmes
    • Track results of recommended health interventions
    • Facilitate better communication and compliance with clients

Current development state and Vision:

Currently we are in Beta testing of the Avenna app which is available to download from the Google Play store. The app now supports three types of health determinant data (nutrition and diet via food photos, movement and sleep patterns) and three health status metrics (resting heart rate during sleep, GlyHealth Index and body mass). In the next several months we will be adding other data points

Our bigger vision is to enable individuals and healthcare practitioners to detect progression of chronic diseases decades before clinical symptoms appear and facilitate health transformation programmes using what we call Lifestyle Medicine which we believe is the most effective, affordable and appropriate way to tackle the alarming rise in chronic diseases across the globe.

Call to Action

We are looking for individuals and health care practitioners who are interested in collaborating with us to develop this approach to transforming health. We also want to collaborate with technology companies who can provide data on other health determinants or health metrics that would give Avenna app users better insights into their lifestyle or health trajectories.


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