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Avenna was spun out from Ludger in 2017 to translate a promising glycomic research programme into practical and affordable diagnostic tools for inflammatory diseases. We are now working with scientists, clinicians, academics and patient groups, to further develop this assay into precision medicine clinical biomarkers and tests to enable early detection and treatment personalisation for inflammatory diseases.


Avenna translates most promising research grade technologies into practical, affordable, and accessible clinical tools to enable precision medicine approach to treat inflammatory diseases. Our midterm goal is to further develop and commercialise, blood glycomic biomarkers for inflammatory bowel, brain, and skin diseases.


To become a world leader in development of personalised precision healthcare solutions for inflammatory diseases. These solutions will enable early detection, treatment personalisation for individuals living with inflammatory conditions, will increase their healthspan and reduce healthcare costs.

Our Team

A passionate team with technology, clinical and scientific expertise.

Chief Executive Officer, Avenna Ltd

Chief Science Officer, Avenna Ltd
Chief Executive, Ludger Ltd

Head of Development, Ludger Ltd

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