Personalised Precision Medicine for Inflammatory Diseases (IDs)

CIDs  are  a  wide  range  of  conditions  driven  by  chronic  inflammatory  (CI)  processes.  They  encompass most chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and include cardiovascular conditions, cancers, diabetes, arthritis,  neurodegenerative  disorders  and  bowel  diseases.    CIDs  are  a  major  cause  of  sickness  and premature death globally.

4.5Bn of the 7.6Bn humans currently alive are expected to get sick and die due to a  CID.  

The  World  Economic  Forum  estimates  that  the  global  costs  of  just  four  chronic  diseases –cancer,diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease –all of which are characterised by CI processes will reach $47 trillion / year by 2030.

Late Action

Medics diagnose Chronic Inflammatory Diseases only after tissues and organs damaged occurred and are unable to reliably identify most vulnerable patients for IDs.


For many syndromic IDs, medics cannot readily distinguish between the different possible types of immune dysfunction so they use imprecise therapies that alleviate symptoms not causes. 


Lack of prognostic and predictive affordable tests. 

Patients with the worst health outcomes are only identified when they have serious inflammatory episodes. 

Avenna's innovations change the picture of how ID medicine is performed.
Our biomarkers and clinical pathways can enable early detection and mitigation of IDs.


Is to develop safe, effective, and affordable personalised precision healthcare solutions for IDs to improve individuals overall quality of life.


Is to develop fast-track diagnostic tools and treatment for those vulnerable to CIDs and aIDs. Avenna aims to improve healthspan and reduce healthcare costs to enable individuals to lead longer, healthier, and happier lifestyles. Our focus surrounds precision healthcare technologies for chronic inflammatory bowel, brain, and skin diseases. Additionally, assisting individuals vulnerable to developing illnesses resulting in  long-term consequences or even fatality such as the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

Our Story

Avenna was founded in 2017 to innovate the way healthcare perceives CIDs. Currently, the intervention for CIDs is ineffective and often treated far too late, causing individuals to suffer inflammatory-related tissue and organ damage. Therefore, precision medicine technologies aim for the early detection and prevention of CIDs to irreversible damage.

Avenna translates and transforms promising research programs into practical, affordable, and accessible tools tailored to inflammatory diseases for personal, public, and clinical use. 

Clinicians can assess their patient’s inflammatory status with our evidence-based prognostic and predictive tool to advise anti-inflammatory procedures, vastly improving their patient’s overall quality of life. The Avenna Precision Healthcare System (AvPHS) is a life-course approach to model, track, and improve and individuals health.

Who do we help?


Clinicians and other health care practitioners responsible for the care of patients either with or at risk of developing IDs.


Biopharma companies developing anti-inflammatory therapeutics.