Collaborative Precision Healthcare Pathways Through The Prism Of Science Avenna Looks At Complex Interactions Between Nature And Nature To Implement Life-Course Approach To Age Related Disease Prevention.

For Nature; we are using biomarkers to look at detailed health status for an individual: Focus on Body, Mind and Functioning.

For Nurture: we are looking at health determinants in Lifestyle and Environment that effects health of individual. We use informatics to collect, integrate, visualise and analyse the data to give meaningful insights into health conditions.

Biomarkers for chronic diseases and ageing Ageing Is A Decline And Loss Of Functions Over A Period Of Time.

Ageing is normally associated with the process of becoming older. However we are all ageing with a different rate and increase in rate of ageing associated with chronic diseases.

At Avenna we use the best biomarker to understand your speed of ageing. It is like providing you with a most “accurate speedometer” to understand the speed you are moving with on a “motorway of life

Informatics To Support Precision Self- Care Pathways We Are Developing An Informatics System Named Avalon To Enable Translation Of Precision Medicine Pathways Into Everyday Practice.

Avalon will support implementation of the Avenna precision healthcare pathways and focus on Chronic Disease Prevention. Avalon is being designed for health care practitioners and individuals to gain insights into their health and with an intent to use Avalon at scale in national public health programmes.

The Avenna pathways are built on the Avenna model of collaborative precision selfcare. This takes a lifecourse approach to healthcare and combines data on key health determinants (from lifestyle and environment and health metrics (including specific molecular signals that indicate status of health and disease).

Avalon will be collecting, integrating, visualising and analysing personal’ health determinants and health status metrics in a GDPR compliant way.


  • Digital Dashboard of tailored personal health
  • Personalised self-care pathways to enable better manage health conditions
  • Actionable wellness insights available in your fingerprints  

Clinicians & Medical Practitioners

  • Support decision making and prioritisation for patient treatments
  • Provides detailed life-course data for the individual
  • Pulls together, store and visualise historical dataset of relevant biomarkers and health metrics
  • Insights into history and possible underlying causes of chronic conditions  


  • Software that’s supports decision making for overall wellness strategy
  • Evidence based prevention programmes for chronic diseases
  • Supports seamless and cost efficient implementation of cutting edge corporate wellness programmes