Personalised Precision Medicine for Inflammatory Diseases (IDs)

IDs are a  wide  range  of  conditions  driven  by  Chronic  Inflammatory  (CI)  processes.  They encompass most chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular conditions, cancers, diabetes, arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, and bowel diseases. Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CIDs) are a  major  cause  of  sickness  and premature death globally. 5.9 Bn of the 8.1 Bn humans currently alive are expected to get sick and die due to a CIDs. 

It has been estimated  that  the  global  costs  of  just  four  chronic diseases – cancer, diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease–will reach $47 trillion by 2030*

Key problems we solve

From late action to detection and prevention

Medics diagnose Chronic Inflammatory Diseases only after tissue and organ damage has occurred and are unable to reliably identify the most vulnerable patients to prevent development of the disease at the early stage.

From imprecision to personalised treatment

For many syndromic IDs, medics cannot readily distinguish between the different possible types of immune dysfunction, so they use imprecise therapies that alleviate symptoms rather than identify and treat causes.

From expensive to affordable and accessible to all

The lack of affordable and scalable prognostic and predictive tests leads to mounting healthcare costs. Patients with the worst health outcomes are only identified when they have serious inflammatory episodes. Hence costs to treat them are significantly higher.

Who do we help?


To measure fitness of their immune system and prevent Chronic Inflammatory Conditions. 



Clinicians and other health care practitioners to detect Chronic Inflammatory Conditions at an early stage, prevent and personalise treatments. 


Biopharma to develop anti-inflammatory therapeutics faster and in a more cost efficient manner.

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